Thursday, 17 December 2015

Nerdversity Reviews: Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger DVD set

At SDCC 2014, Brian Ward of Shout! Factory revealed to the world that Power Rangers fans would be treated to a DVD release of Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger, the original Sentai series that Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 1 was based on. 

Released on 17th February 2015 in the United States, Zyuranger was heavily promoted throughout the rest of the year, with the cast of the series appearing alongside their American Counterparts at conventions across America, which proved to be extremely popular with the fans.

The above image is taken direct from the Shout! DVD. It's taken from the Japanese DVDs and sadly isn't in proper HD. It could have used some more remastering and clearing up, as there are many scenes that are grainy, washed out and blurred.

The set is 10 discs features all 51 episodes, totaling just over 16 hours from start to finish. There is no English dub of the series and only has English Subtitles. There is only one special feature on it as well, a Power Morphicon 2014 panel.

The set itself is pretty decent and acts as a doorway into how Japan handled the concept of superheroes. It gives the viewer and fans to see where Power Rangers came from

The set is still available and costs $49.97 (plus S+H) from SHOUT! Factory directly here. I would recommend doing so, as that will guarantee us getting more sets in the future. So order yours now to get it before Christmas