Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Nerdversity Reviews: LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar (Day 8)

So, as we begin the second week of December, lets see what is lurking behind door number 8.

We have our second mini figure. In this case, we have an Ewok. He looks as if he's come straight out of the Endor set. 

Here's the parts in the baggie. He's a brown-ish tan Ewok with a green hood. He doesn't come with any weapons, but he could sure hold the bow that came with the weapons stand on day 6.

Here's the completed Mini Figure in all his glory. If you ever wanted another Ewok to flesh out your Return of the Jedi Collection, this would be it. 

Endor is filling out nicely with what we have so far. Will we be staying a little while longer on Endor with Day 9? or will we jump to somewhere else in a galaxy far far away?

You'll have to join us tomorrow and find out!