Saturday, 12 December 2015

Nerdversity Reviews: LEGO: Star Wars Advent Calendar (Day 12)

We hope you've been enjoying the calendar so far. It's been great for us to show you the contents of this awesome calendar and hopefully you'll be tempted to get one for yourself next year. So without further ado, here's Day 12

Keeping with the Imperial theme, we have an Imperial Weapons rack with a 3 blasters that come with it. A fairly easy build. You get a rifle, pistol and a stormtrooper blaster.

Here's the parts in their little baggie. The spares this time are a red light and an antenna. The parts clip together well and the instructions are really clear.

Here's the finished build and finally our Stormtrooper mini figure has a blaster. The rack looks like it would fit right at home in any Death Star or Star Destroyer display

The Empire is growing in number. What will tomorrow bring?