Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Nerdversity Reviews: LEGO: Star Wars Advent Calendar (Day 15)

Only 9 more left until we reach the end of the calendar. So lets see what we get behind today's door: 

It seems that the Falcon was a detour. We're back solidly with the Empire today with a missile firing Turbolaser Battery from the Death Star. 

Here's the parts of the Turbolaser battery in their baggie. There's a few spare parts, especially the laser blasts themselves as they are most likely to be lost.

Here's the finished build. It looks great and looks as if it's come straight out of the Death Star Trench and ready to blast some incoming X-Wings. It does have a firing feature. Simply push down on the grey triggers on the top and the green "blaster" bolts come flying off with some force.

If you have this set, please take care with the blaster bits, they'll easily become lost and you don't get many spares. 

So as we close out Day 15, we see the Empire has grown a little more. The Turbolaser battery would look great with any Death Star Diorama showcasing the trench run scene with some X-wings and Y-Wings.

What will we get on Day 16? join us tomorrow and find out!