Saturday, 5 December 2015

Nerdversity Reviews: LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar (Day 5)

We've been having fun bringing you these LEGO Star Wars toys. As we get to Day 5, lets see what the calendar has in store for us today.

So today, we have a miniature Sandcrawler. It looks a little difficult to build and I will say, it was a little bit given it has the most parts so far. It looks great for being an Advent toy.

Here's all the parts in their baggie. There is only one spare part this time which is a black rod to connect the Sandcrawler to the treads. You have all the parts you need in the bag.

Here's the finished mini Sandcrawler. It's mainly oranges, browns and some lighter pieces. They all blend together nicely and look great. While Miniature like the Sail Barge, it's obvious what it is and looks great with the rest of the gifts we've received so far.

Tattooine is filling out nicely with 2 things from Return of the Jedi and 3 things from A New Hope. The diorama play mat is looking a little more busy than what it did earlier this week

What will we get tomorrow for day 6? Join us and find out