Thursday, 31 December 2015

Nerdversity Reviews: Terrahawks Series 1, Episode 12 - A Christmas Miracle

A Christmas Miracle aired on December 24th 1983.

It's Christmas Eve and at Hawknest, Kate and Mary and finishing up decorating ready for Christmas. They finish putting up the tree and testing it. Tiger is hard at work on his battle plans that he's been working on all week. He falls asleep in his chair and wakes up 8 hours later.

Zelda and her forces are on Mars with Cy-Star and Yung-Star. They're interested in Christmas as a festival, however Zelda announces she'll be attacking Earth with her full forces.

The rest of the episode plays out much like World War 1, especially the Christmas Truce. Both sides meet on the moon with their full forces. The Zeroids, the Terrahawks' spherical droids dig into trenches and wait for the attack. The Cubes, Zelda's own droids form artillery pieces and then start shelling the Zeroids. Each one following their battle plans to the letter, The Zeroids using tanks to outflank the guns, then Zelda using spacecraft to attack the tanks. Neither side giving up and not really caring about the heavy heavy losses. Yung-Star even parades round in a Pickelhaube helmet and Zelda insists on being called Field Marshal

As the battle rages, Tiger realises there's nothing more he can do, so decides to take a nap. Yung-Star and Cy-Star are forced out into the battlefield where they hide from the firefight. On the Battlehawk, Mary realises all this senseless killing is going to get them ALL wiped out, so she calls for a ceasefire. Major Zero calls it a Christmas Miracle.

Zelda is infuriated that her troops and own family are fraternizing with the enemy, as the Terrahawks and Zelda's family have a Christmas party onboard the BattleHawk, complete with Kate Kestrel providing music. Mary dances with Yung-Star and Hawkeye dances with Cy-Star. Tiger wakes up from his nap and sees what's going on. He realises that everyone's against him, but then swerves into the "if you can't beat them...." mentality. 

He goes over to Zelda;'s ship and shares a drink with her. Zelda flirts with him and then attemps to kiss him, The screen fades and it's revealed that it was all a dream as he wakes up with a start from his nap on the table. He's been asleep for only 30 minutes and had that nightmare. It's past midnight on Christmas Day.  The Terrhawks wish everyone at home a very Merry Christmas