Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Nerdversity Reviews: Thunderbirds Series 2, Episode 6 - Give or Take a Million

Give Or Take A Million aired on December 25th 1966

This is the last official Thunderbirds episode that aired before the two movies. The episode opens with a young boy named Nicky who is on Tracy Island. He watches Thunderbird 3 launch, before Jeff recounts on how Nicky got onto the island for Christmas. The rest of the episode is played in flashback

Coralville Children's Hospital is working out how to secure funding for a new Solar Therapy wing. One of the Committee, Harman says he'll supply a rocket that will drop toys from his department store onto the hospital on Christmas Day. With $10,000, the toys and International Rescue involved as well, it's a guaranteed win, especially as one of the children will win a trip to Tracy Island for Christmas. 

Harman's rocket is tested the following day. It takes 10 minutes for it to arrive and the pod containing the presents lands in the grounds. A nurse opens the pod and checks the contents. A ceramic horse is still in one piece and the launch goes ahead for 9am Christmas Day, with Thunderbird 2 picking up the lucky winner at 9:15.

Meanwhile on Tracy Island, it's all systems go for Christmas. The boys are out in the main house, decorating for Christmas, while Grandma is cooking a traditional Christmas dinner the old fashioned way, instead of using the Nuclear powered oven. Brains has even gone missing as well, as he's busy with an experiment.

Back in New York, a pair of bank robbers by the name of Scobie and Straker have incapacitated a pair of department store Santas and are wearing their outfits. They lock the men in a closet. According to their plans, the bank vault containing $10 million in gold is right through the wall of the toy department. As this is going on, Tanner, the owner of the toy store is loading up the toys and putting the special note inside one of the presents. Back in the store itself, Straker is drilling out the wall, while Scobie dons a special harness to break into the vault.

As the floor is rigged to a pressure sensitive alarm system, they rig a pulley system with Scobie going in with a bag to fill up with gold bars. He fills up his bag with too many bars and the line starts slipping. He braces himself on a table to prevent himself falling and almost knocks a pencil to the ground. 

Meanwhile on Tracy Island, Virgil blasts off enroute to Coralville at midnight in the Pacific, so he'll be there on time to meet the winner.

Back in the vault, Scobie disposes of the harness, which lands on the table and knocks the pencil off, setting the alarms off. With the building on high alert and security after them, the men make their escape through the store and into an elevator. They're loaded into the Harman rocket and they blast off. With the two men trapped inside the pod, the rocket flies towards Coralville Children's Hospital.

Thunderbird 2 makes contact with the rocket. The pod lands and the hospital staff open the pod to reveal the robbers from earlier passed out. The police take the robbers into custody and the hospital is given the reward money. 

Harman celebrates. With the money they made from the stunt and the reward money from the Police, they'll be building the Solar Therapy wing. We jump back to the present time. Brains reveals his present to everyone. He made it snow on Christmas Day. All of the Tracys, Kyrano, Lady Penelope and Nicky enjoy the present and Jeff congratulates him on making a truly traditional Christmas