Friday, 1 January 2016

Nerdversity Discussion: 2015 in Review

So 2015 is over and done with. We look forward to what 2016 can bring us. I hope you've all had a fantastic Holiday break and hope you've had a Happy New Year.

Nerdversity 101 has had a lot happen over the past year. We've been to many conventions, done many great things, met some fantastic people across the world and at many awesome conventions as well. Aside from the internal politics, Nerdversity is still going strong and there's still going to be loads of great content coming this year.

As for some of my highlights? well, I'd have to say that Mighty Morphin Power Con last february was a highlight, spending a weekend in Birmingham, getting to meet some awesome new people and then meeting some icons of the Power Rangers world was fantastic, I'd also rate the experiences I had at MCM Birmingham to be very different, unique and getting some fantastic stuff from there as well

Getting to talk to Sam Jones, the star of Flash Gordon, Christian Tremblay and even Pat Sharp were some great interview highlights as well.

So, what will 2016 have in store for Nerdversity? well, you'll have to stick with us and find out.