Thursday, 14 January 2016

Nerdversity Discussion: BOOM! Studios and Power Rangers

This week, BOOM! Studios released issue 0 of it's long awaited Mighty Morphin Power Rangers comic series. Set after Green With Evil and follows the story of Tommy trying to make amends for things he did whilst evil and stepping up to the plate as a hero. Previews were given away at SDCC 2015 with a release date of January 2016. So what happened?

All 5 rangers were released normally as retailer variants, Red, Blue, Black, Pink and Yellow, however, Green was a 1:50 Incentive and White was a 1:100 Incentive. This meant that comic stores had to buy 200 copies of MMPR #0 to be guaranteed a set of 7 covers. Now this isn't so bad for larger vendors as they can shift them and even put them online to sell to fans, however, for smaller and independent brick and mortar stores, this created a problem. Why would they put forward the money for 200 comics that they probably won't sell as easily as the latest Batman or Spider-Man?

There's an 8th cover that was released. Armoured Red, complete with Dragonzord in the visor. It is unavailable to the general public as it was a ComicsPRO exclusive. ComicsPRO is a union of comic sellers across the world. Only one copy was given to stores and it was for the manager. So unless you're really best friends with the owner of a ComicsPRO store and he's willing to sell you or give it to you, then it's wait and hope they start turning up on eBay.

There are many people who have been unable to get full sets of standard retail versions, much less the 7 retailer variants. In the UK, only 40% of comic stores even had copies of the MMPR comic and even less had full sets. Undersold comics and difficult to get covers have made this one a holy grail for Power Rangers fans and collectors worldwide.