Monday, 18 January 2016

Nerdversity Discussion: Deadpool Controversy

Ryan Reynolds' take on the Merc with a Mouth is due for release next month and it's been huge in terms of marketing. Fox have made viral videos, even made a billboard featuring the title in emojis. However, the movie is not without it's controversy and no, it's not about the violence. 

Grace Randolph, who has penned issues of Justice League and is the host of a YouTube channel called "Beyond the Trailer" is currently petitioning Fox to make a PG cut of the movie, so children can go see the movie. Her reasoning for the petition, is that her 8 year old son, Matthew can go watch the movie. Matthew's reasoning for seeing an R-Rated movie or even a PG-13 edit are as follows:
  • I like the trailer
  • I do my homework
  • He is funny
  • I watch X-Men
  • I promise to cover my eyes if you tell me
  • I promise to clean my room
  • I like superheroes
You can view Grace's video here

The movie has currently earned an R-Rating from the MPAA and is most likely going to be an 18 here in the UK. It was rated R for:
  • Strong language
  • Violence
  • Sexual Content
  • Graphic nudity

Deadpool is without question an adult themed anti-hero and has been for most of his run. He's crass, foul mouthed, violent and gory. This is the same character that murdered a HYDRA agent because he liked the Star Wars prequels. Is this the sort of character you want your child watching? the answer is no, He's made for adults, not children.