Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Disney Infinity 3.0 Han Solo

Released in September for the US and October for the UK, Han Solo joins Chewie in Disney Infinity 3.0 as part of the Star Wars expansion. The packaging is largely the same as the Chewbacca figure, just the fact they have a large graphic of Han Solo on the back. Same  bubble with Han in there. Same cartoony style, yet still looks really good and just like Harrison Ford.

Here's the Infinity 3.0 card that comes with the figure and has a code for the online version on the back. I love this art. What amazes me, is that the smirk is perfect and they even included the scar on his chin. 

Out of the package, Han stands at the same height as Chewie, 4 inches from head to toe. He'd be a little more if he wasn't in the crouching position. He's highly detailed, featuring the white shirt, black vest and blue pants look he sported in A New Hope. The belt features silver paint detailing and even a droid caller on the belt. The blaster in his hand is also well detailed, even though it's a solid piece of black plastic

The figure follows on from the artwork and even has a scar on his chin. Amazing detail. However, like Chewie, he is still a solid piece of plastic and has no articulation at all. The figure is made of a soft plastic that has some give. The blaster is rubbery plastic. They knew that it'd get tossed around a lot, especially into boxes.

Putting them side by side is fantastic and it's clear through the poses they were mimicking the press shot of Han and Chewie inside Docking Bay 94 in ANH. My only gripe with the pair of figures would be that Han should have been a little smaller to show off the size difference between the characters, but it's not that much of an issue to not buy them.

I bought the pair from GAME in the UK for £18. They had a sale on of Infinity figures, 2 for £18. So yeah. I like them, I'd recommend them to fans, even if you can't play them on any console. They still look great as part of a Star Wars collection