Saturday, 16 January 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Hasbo Star Wars The Force Awakens TIE Fighter

We're going to be taking a look at the Hasbro First Order Special Forces TIE Fighter. Seen throughout the movie. So, how does the 4 inch scale version stack up? well, lets get into it

The front of the box has the The Force Awakens merchandising banner of Kylo Ren with his red saber. Below that we have two TIE fighters being chaced by X-Wings. It has missile firing action according to the front and a First Order Pilot figure.

The back of the box shows the toy fully assembled, a run down of the features which are: firing missiles, the wings popping off and the gun on the underside swivels 360 degrees, It also shows the pilot with the blaster pistol in his hand and the helmet removed. There's also an advert on the bottom for Poe Dameron, a Resistance trooper and a Y-Wing.

Only the left hand side of the box has any graphics on it. It's a picture of the First Order Pilot, taken straight off the single carded version. The right hand side only has the movie's logo and what appears to be the TIE Pilot's insignia on the bottom.

Taking the TIE Fighter out the box, we have the cockpit section, which is in all black with the red detailing on the side. The front has the pilot's seat and the rear has the gunner's seat, as in The Force awakens, TIE fighters are now two sear fighters, rather than single seat. There are missile launchers underneath the cockpit glass and the trigger is underneath it. The button for ejecting the wings are on the underside of the arms.

A baggie of all the parts which includes the cockpit hatch, the cannon for the underside, the missiles themselves and a small gun for next to the cockpit. 

Here's the wings. They're black with grey panels, fitting in with the black fighter theme. They slot easily into the main body of the Fighter.

As the fighter is now two seater, there's space in the cockpit hatch to store two blasters, one for each pilot. That's a great little detail. Alas, no ejector seat though.

Also included is the manual. it's printed in black with minimal colour. The bottom left corner features the same TIE insignia the box does, this time with some Aubresh lettering on the underside. 

The 2 page instruction manual shows the user how to put the tie fighter together. Again, same all black pages and pictures. It has a orange on the pieces and a band going down the page with the TIE fighter Insignia from the front page. 

The back page has copyright information on the bottom and instructions on how to fire the missiles. There's a red button on the underside of the fighter and all you have to do is push it.

Here's the finished TIE Fighter out of the box and rearing to go. If you have another TIE Pilot, you could use him, or copy the movie and have Finn and Poe inside the TIE, recreating their daring escape from the movie. 

I got mine from Tesco here in the UK and paid £10 clearance price, down from £40. I like the detailing on it and the new paint scheme, If you have children, they could have loads of fun recreating scenes from the smash hit movie with multiples of these or even just the one with their figures. It feels rugged and robust and won't break easily. The action features alone make it worth the price of admission.