Saturday, 16 January 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Hasbro The Force Awakens First Order TIE Pilot

As the last review was rather crowded, I thought we'd take the opportunity to take a closer look at the TIE Pilot in a separate review. 

Here's the Pilot/ He comes in a tray with a red cardboard backer. He comes with the helmet and blaster. 

Taking the pilot out of the tray, it's the exact same as the single carded version, if you already have him. If not, he's wearing an all black flight suit with armour plated chest and shoulder pads. |The hole in his chest is for the chest pack that's attached to the helmet. He has the standard Kenner style five points of articulation in neck, shoulders, waist and swivel. His uniform is well detailed with folds and wrinkles in the suit, as well pockets adorning his flight suit trousers. He also has a harness dangling down his legs. 

His accessories are a flight helmet and blaster pistol. The flight helmet is a black Stormtrooper helmet with visor flipped up and airhose connected to the chest pack. The pistol fits in his hand but he doesn't have a working holster for it, as it's in the cockpit hatch.

The pilot fully kitted out and ready to be put inside the TIE fighter. Not a bad figure overall. I wish that Hasbro would go back to the more articulated figures, rather than the Kenner style, it just bugs me is all. If you wanted an extra pilot for your First Order force, it might be worth cashing in now while they're so cheap, if not, you may want to save your money for newer figures and potentially The Black Series.