Thursday, 28 January 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Ressha Sentai ToQGer Renketsu Bazooka.

For my 1st review for Nerdversity,  I will be reviewing the Renketsu Bazooka from the 2014-2015 Super Sentai season "Ressha Sentai ToQGer". The Renketsu Bazooka is a combination of 5 individual weapons used by the main 5 ToQGer.  The weapons are as follows

1st off the tracks is the Rail Slasher,  used mainly by Right/ToQ-1Go [but others can use it if they are using the Red Ressha.  Same goes for the other weapons in the set]. Done in black for the handle and the underside, red for the hilt and the rubber tip, grey going up the middle of the blade and trigger with silver for the rubber going down the sides. The Rail Slasher is the main part of this toy set as it holds all of the electronics, Dimensions from handle to tip its around 15.5 inches,  width is around 3.5 inches  give or take.

The 2nd weapon in the set is the Platform Trigger,  the primary weapon of Tokatti/ToQ-2Go. It is cast in blue and black plastic with silver accents  for the cross,  silver rubber for the bottom of the handle and grey for the trigger and the barrels of the gun.  The trigger does work,  but is used mainly for the bazooka combo.  Dimension wise [give or take a few inches or so], From back to barrel 4.75 inches,  across [including the button to release the Rail Slasher] 3 inches and the hight from handle to top about 6 inches.  Before I forget,  once the Rail Slasher is connected to the Platform Trigger,  and the piece where the ressha is is at the back [near the handle], the main sound for the bazooka plays,  after you press the trigger and the explosion ends,  you can keep pressing the trigger to get standard blaster sounds.

For the 3rd weapon,  we will be looking at the criminally tiny Signal Hammer of Mio/ToQ-3Go.  There is not much to talk about with this weapon apart from how small it is. molded in black,  with yellow paint for the hammer head, blue and red for the lights and silver for the rubber parts. The only use this has,  is to clip on top of the Home Trigger when used for the bazooka.  You are looking at a weapon that is only about 3.75 - 4 inches leangh wise,  2 inches in width and just over 1 inch in thickness.  Even for a kids toy,  this is a joke of a weapon in my eyes

Now onto the weapon of Hikari/ToQ-4Go,  The Tunnel Axe, which is done in green and black plastic with silver/grey rubber for the axe blades.  Like the Signal Hammer,  this does not have any features that it can use on its own.  The Axe closes up though when it is used for the bazooka.  For a toy at this size,  the handle could have been made,  a little big longer in my own opinion,  but this is a kids toy,  so I should not complain to much about it.  Dimension wise.  from the widest part of the axe blade to the other side you are looking at just under 9.25 inches and from Handle to the top is under 8 inches

Last but not least we have the weapon of Kagura/ToQ-5Go, the Bridge Claw.  Not much to talk about this weapon.  No special actions or anything like that.  Like the Signal Hammer,  it is mainly done in black plastic with silver for the rubber blades and pink for the accent lines.  Size wise,  you are looking at roughly 4.75 inches across from blade tip to the back where the blade ends, hight wise around 3 inches and width just under 3.75 inches.  The handle is just small enough for a small child to get their hands in.

Now for the ressha that you get with the Renketsu Bazooka. The Energy Ressha is what they use for the final attacks with the bazooka which is powered by the "Imagination" of the ToQGer who places the ressha onto the weapon and fires it.  The Energy Ressha is cast in grey plastic with silver for the top and black plastic for the bottom [the black lines you see on the silver part is done by myself] with tinted plastic for the middle between the silver plastic and below the black for the wheels,  the energy effect is done in what I would say is gold, the windscreen on the front is painted in a dark green paint.  Size wise leangh is around 3.5 inches,  hight is about 1.25 inches and width is 1 inch,  Like a lot of ressha that you get with DX toys [with exception of Red Resha that you get with the ToQ-Changer,  The Build Ressha that you get with TO-6Go's henshin device and the Hyper Ressha that you get with the cannon]  they all have ports on the back that you can use with the DX ToQ-Oh,  DX Build-Dai-Oh and DX Diesel-Oh.

Now for the final part of this review,
The Renketsu Bazooka is not a small toy when combined,  for a toy that is aimed at kids,  I would say it fits pretty good. The Platform Trigger acts as the trigger for the bazooka,  while the Signal Hammer sits on top doing nothing, The Bridge Claw just fills in a gap between the Home Trigger and the Rail Slasher,  speaking of which,  the Rail Slashehr becomes sort of a railway track for the Energy Ressha to travel along,  last but not least,  the Tunnel Axe becomes the barrel of the bazooka that what ever the ToQGer imagines fires out from. 

  From end to end it is roughly between 17.5 - 18 inches,  4 inches in width and around 9 inches in hight

Below is a video of the 1st fight from ToQGer and the 1st time the Renketsu Bazooka