Thursday, 7 January 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Star Wars Rebels Han Solo (Bespin)

This is the Star Wars Rebels Saga Legends Han Solo (Bespin) figure. It's based on his appearance from Empire Strikes Back. The package features the large Stormtrooper helmet design and the figure in open package.

The back of the packaging is very scant, only a stock image from the Empire Strikes Back movie and  a bunch of copyright information in multiple languages. There are also adverts for X-Wing Pilot Luke and Jabba;s Palace disguise Lando.

Taking the figure out the packaging, we're back to 1970s/1980s Kenner level of articulation on Han. He only swivels at the neck, shoulders, waist and hips. Paint apps aren't bad, very basic. He's in the blue jacket, white shirt and brown pants from the movie.

He comes with a single accessory, which is a Blas-Tech DL44 blaster. It fits in his hand and the holster on his thigh. It's painted in all black and is quite well detailed.

I paid £6 for this figure from Aldi here in the UK. Not a bad figure overall, but after seeing previous versions of the figures, then getting these Kenner like figures, it's turning me off Star Wars toys all together. Why can't we go back to the articulated figures in the Vintage Collection?