Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Nerdversity Discussion: The Fine Bros and "React"

This past week, The Fine Bros, best known for their "Reaction Videos" on YouTube, announced they were making a new project called ReactWorld, which would allow users to make their own Reaction videos and post them on their website, using assets and support from them. It didn't take long for the truth to come out and it was revealed that they would be making money from people putting up Reaction Videos with no guarantee of these fan made videos being featured and promoted.

Despite the Fine Bros claims that they weren't copyrighting or trademarking anything to do with reactions, a simple search via a database did infact prove that they had trademarked the word "React" which prompted the backlash from fans across the internet. They have made several fake apologies to fans and claim they meant no harm, but the damage has been done and they are currently losing hundreds of thousands of fans because of their decisions to trademark a generic word and lie to fans about it and further lie as a means of damage control 

In 2014, the Fine Bros criticized Ellen DeGeneres for doing something similar to a Reaction video on her show. They have also expressed disdain for Jimmy Kimmel as well for doing similar things during his halloween prank on children. 

The Fine Bros also started flagging other people's reaction videos on YouTube, earning them copyright strikes and having people's accounts shut down. They are using a trademark to stifle anyone who makes a reaction video without going through them first and that goes for celebrities. It would mean that noone could make a video called "Kids React to Red Bull" and post it online as the Fine Bros claim that it infringes on their copyrights and trademarks, even though they claim they don't own any copyrights and trademarks.

They also recently stated that they claim to have invented the Reaction video, based on the evidence that they are the most popular people doing them at the moment, therefore they invented it. 

What do you think of this current situation?