Sunday, 28 February 2016

Nerdversity Discussion: Is The Walking Dead too fixated on Daryl Dixon?

Over the last few years, Daryl Dixon has gone from a first season regular to a mainstay that has gone through hell and back. He's survived everything the apocalypse has thrown at him. He's Rick Grimes' right hand man and loads more besides.

However, it's also in recent years that the focus OF the series has shifted less from Rick's story, but now towards more focus on Daryl and his story, even though he's TV only. The show is marketed around him and most of all, he literally outranks ALL other characters in terms of merchandising for the show. He has action figures, t-shirts, FUNKO products, sponsorships with crossbow manufacturers and bike manufacturers, standees, replicas of his zombie ear necklace, even his own themed video game and more besides.

The other problem we've noted is that it's in the fans as well, they are the ones who refuse to attend conventions unless Norman Reedus goes, they have to find out what happened to Daryl, will Daryl survive another season? There are fans that are threatening to boycott series 7 because there are rumours going around that Reedus is leaving the series. It does feel to me that we have gotten to a state where it may as well be renamed to The Adventures of Daryl Dixon.

Do you agree with this? let us know what you think.