Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Cabin Pressure Series 3, Episode 2 - Paris.

Paris aired on BBC Radio 4 on July 8th 2011 and starred:
  • Benedict Cumberbatch as Martin
  • Roger Allam as Douglas
  • Stephanie Cole as Carolyn
  • John Finnemore as Arthur
  • Geoffrey Whitehead as Mr Birling
  • Flip Webster as Mrs. Birling
  • Ewan Bailey as Phil
There is no pre-credits sequence. The episode opens with Arthur excited that it's Birling Day. As it's Birling Day, Douglas intends to steal the £200 bottle of Talisker whisky from Carolyn again, which he'd done 3 times before. She entrusts the bottle to Douglas on a bet that if Douglas gets the Talisker, Martin has to pay her £100. Mr. Birling and Mrs. Birling enter the porta-cabin and Mrs. Birling gives them £50 as tips and that;s all they were getting for it.

Douglas gets his bags checked by Phil and any implements that could be used to steal the whisky, On the plane, Martin and Arthur set up a plan to keep Douglas away from the whisky. After take off, Douglas goes to the toilet, but Arthur brings the whisky into the flight deck to keep Douglas away from it. Mr. Birling summons Arthur to the cabin to pour his whisky. which tastes horrible

Now faced with a major problem of the Talisker tasting horrible and the thought of having to pay £100 to Carolyn for what happened, Martin tries to uncover the mystery of what happened to the Talisker. He questions Mr. Birling about what happened and comes up empty. In the flight deck, Martin has a bit of a "Sherlock Holmes" moment when he realises

" I know! But the thing is, we’ve taken away all the things that can possibly have happened, so I suppose the only thing that’s left, even though it seems really weird, must be the thing that did happen, in fact."

Arthur is in the flight deck and has come up with the theory that it was monkeys that slipped onboard and stole the Talisker while noone was watching. Martin theorizes that the Talisker was infact switched out for the apple juice. Douglas joins in and theorizes that the bottle was filled with cheap whisky so Carolyn would save £200 and everyone would blame Douglas for it. Martin lies to Carolyn and tells her that Douglas didn't steal it. Mr. Birling comes into the flight deck to explain that he remembers his cufflinks, he offers them to Douglas and Martin, which are worth £1000 each as a reward for the whereabouts of his Talisker.

The episode ends with Douglas giving Mr. Birling the bottle of Talisker. He explains that he didn't steal it per sae, he just placed some anti-nail biting solution into the bottom of a whisky glass. When he realised that the whisky tasted bad and was passed off a cheap whisky, it was left alone, ready for Douglas to snaffle at his leisure. Even after explanation, Arthur is confused at how he did it.