Friday, 26 February 2016

Nerdversity Reviews - Cabin Pressure Series 3, Episode 4: Ottery St. Mary

Ottery St, Mary aired on BBC Radio 4 on July 22nd 2011 and starred:
  • Benedict Cumberbatch as Martin
  • Roger Allam as Douglas
  • Stephanie Cole as Carolyn
  • John Finnemore as Arthur
  • Anthony Head as Herc Shipwright
  • Flip Webster as Mrs. Laurel
  • Ewan Bailey as Mr. Hardy.

There is no pre-credits sequence for this episode. The episode opens with Douglas flying GERTI back into Fitton. Arthur comes in with 2 teas for Douglas. Arthur explains that he only knows how to make two teas and he doesn't know how to make half of something until it's made it. They get a sat comm phone call from Martin, who's in hospital with a twisted ankle. He wants Arthur to pick up his van and address from the airfield and then pick him up, so he can take a piano to Ottery St. Mary in Devon. Arthur is excited to do it, but Douglas is offended that Martin didn't ask him. After they land, Arthur hoovers and locks up GERTI, then asks Carolyn if he can go to Devon. Carolyn agrees and then sets up the date with Herc.

Martin and Douglas arrive at The Laurels to get the piano. Douglas shows off by playing some Chopin on it to Martin's annoyance. Arthur helps move the piano into the van so they can make the 200 mile journey to Ottery St, Mary. Meanwhile, Herc arrives at Carolyn's house and he meets the dog, Snoopadoop the Cockerpoo. They decide to go for lunch first, then walk it off. 

They set off on the drive to Devon and this is when Arthur starts his game of "Yellow Car", in which people spot yellow cars coming down on the opposite side of the road. He also notes that you are always. Meanwhile, in the pub, Carolyn and Herc talk amongst themselves and this is where Carolyn finds out he's vegan ad this orders whitebait just to annoy him. 

On the journey, while playing Yellow Car, Arthur wonders why they call it Ottery St, Mary. Douglas informs him that St. Mary was the patron saint of Devon and was martyred by Otters, After explaining that there's a lot of otters in heaven, Arthur imagines a lot of otters. Thus begins the game of fitting 100 otters on GERTI. Though on the way, Martin tries to put the address into the sat nav on his phone, then realises Arthur has forgotten the piece of paper, forcing them to drive back to Fitton to get the information he forgot.

Back at the airfield, Douglas notices a car with Herc in it and then Carolyn coming out. He gets the piano out the van and starts playing "That;s Amore" to Carolyn who leaves with Herc. They go to put the piano back in the van and realise the keys are missing. They take the piano onboard GERTI and fly down to Exmoor and push the piano the rest of the way. They ring on Mr. Hardy's door and he comes out to inspect the piano. finding the van keys on the piano lid, meaning Arthur was right when he said he gave the keys back to Douglas. The episode ends with Arthur screaming "YOU CLOT" at Douglas.