Friday, 19 February 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: G.I. Joe 1994 Original Action Team.

Released in 1994, as part of the 30th anniversary celebration, this 5 pack of figures was released at retail in 2 versions, the only difference was the capsule had CANADA on the back instead of UNITED STATES. It was released only in Toys R Us Stores in the United States and Canada.  Like the Joe Colton figure, these were 4 inch scale figures of the Soldier, Marine, Sailor, Pilot and Astronaut figures. The figures were released in a large window box with the 5 figures on display with their larger accessories on display, which are 2 bazookas for soldier and marine. Sled rocket launcher for sailor, a parachute for Pilot and the capsule for astronaut.

The back of the box has pictures of the 5 figures and the capsule, plus filecards and instructions for each of the figures. The filecards are modern day interpretations seen on the figures of the time, but still share nods to the original filecards. However, since this is the Toys R Us boxed set, the filecards have pictures of the action figures, not the original Hasbro art work.

The figures out of the box are like Joe Colton, 4 inch scale representations of their 1964 12 inch counterparts and 4 of them are brimming with accessories that really increases their play value. Of course, not many children would enjoy playing with WW2-60s soldiers and I will admit, they do look out of place when placed next to the figures from the GI Joe toys of that era as well, such as Battle Corps, Ninja Force and Mega Marines, but in all honesty, these aren't really aimed at the child fans of GI Joe, these were aimed at collectors and fans of the original toys.