Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: G.I. Joe Action Pilot (Blue)

Lets continue our look at the 30th Anniversary G.I. Joe Action Team boxed set with the next figure, Action Pilot (Blue). Like the Orange Action Sailor, this variant was only released in the Original Action Team set. 

The filecard on the back of the box is of the action figure variant, which is solely on the Original Action Team set. The background on the text is more a purple colour than the bright red on the retail version, but the text is exactly the same.

Taking the figure out of the box, we see he's dressed in a Korean War era sky blue flight suit,He wears a bright yellow Mae West over the flight suit. There's a map on his right thigh and a knife on his left shin. In the uniform there are folds and creases in the sleeves. 

His uniform is based on that of real USAF pilots from the Korean War that wore cold weather gear and had sky blue uniforms early on before they switched to dark blue as the sky blue uniforms were too easy to spot and didn't make good camouflage

Like with the Action Sailor, he comes with a plethora of accessories that are:
  • Helmet and airmask
  • M1 Garand
  • Colt .45 pistol
  • Parachute backpack
  • Real working parachute
  • black rubber harness

Taking a look and comparing the original figure next to his 1994 counterpart, we can see that Hasbro did a great job of translating his look and scaling him down from 12 inches to 4 inches. The face is practically identical, as is the uniform, vest and helmet, with some slight colouring differences here and there.

As the Blue Pilot is only available in the Original Action Team set, the only way you could add him to your collection would be to either buy the full set for around £40-45 or find a loose one on the secondary market. While an interesting figure, I don't feel many fans could have a home for him in their collections given the fact he looks too WW2/Korea and doesn't seem to fit in with the modern looking pilots in the main G.I. Joe line