Saturday, 20 February 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: G.I. Joe Action Soldier

So last time, we took a look at the team as a whole, so lets break this team down and take a look at the team one by one. First on the list is Action Soldier. Based on his 1964 incarnation, he was released in 2 forms. Either in this Toys R Us Exclusive boxed set or in a single box form

The single box form which was released at retail stores all over the US and Canada has a large image taken directly off the original 1964 box showing the Soldier charging directly towards the viewer with an M1 Garand Rifle in his hands The rest of the box is black with a large gold GI Joe logo on the side with the 30th Anniversary insignia on the top

The back features 1960s artwork across the top and has the instructions on how to put the accessories on as well as build the bunker that it comes with (which we'll get to later.) as well as a 30th anniversary blurb by Habsro and the bottom of the box has the retail filecard, again, which we'll get to later.

Taking the figure out the packaging, we can finally see the soldier in all his glory. Both versions are the same. He stands at around 4 inches tall, same as Colton and the other figures in the set. He's dressed in an olive green uniform with black webbing and boots, a brown belt with pouches. His uniform is very reminiscent of WW2 to early 1960s US Army uniforms as worn by troops. His cheek even bears that classic GI Joe scar.

Aside from the bunker, his main accessories are a Bazooka with a black missile, an M1 Garand rifle, a Colt .45 pistol and a backpack. The only difference in the accessories between the 5 pack and the retail is that the 5 pack figure guns are black instead of brown. The accessories make him feel almost WW2 like and not Korean War or even into the early 60s. 

The bunker is a 5 piece construction that has 3 wall pieces, sandbags and a gun post. It resembles a bullet riddled wall where the Bazooka can attach to. This feels very reminiscent of actual GIs in Northwest Europe during World War II. 

Here's the filecards for each of the different versions. On the left is the retail boxed version and on the right is the Original Action Team version. They both read the same, only difference is the retail version uses the 1960s artwork, whereas the Original Action Team version has a picture of the figure in question. The text reads:

"My first years in the Army were extremely valuable, as they served as the foundation upon which my G.I. Joe career would be built. Every G.I. Joe worth his weight in ammo received training at one of the U.S. military branches, although no training can replace field experience when it comes to raw combat. When the shells start exploding and the bullets start to fly, you'd better know how to react with split-second reflexes. As a G.I. Joe, you not only learn when to stand and fight, but when to take cover as well!"

As seen in the above pictures with the boxed and loose versions of the 12 inch 1964 figure, we can see that the 4 inch scale Action Soldier is almost a perfect reproduction of the figure, just in a smaller scale, from the same olive green uniform, to the webbing belts and boots. From the helmet to the rifle. The only difference being is that the 4 inch version didn't come with a fatigue cap, just the helmeted head. 

Action Soldier goes for around £10-15 single boxed on eBay and around £30-50 for the Original Action Team, still boxed as well. So, if you want to add a 4 inch scale reproduction of an original 1960s 12 inch figure, it's not that expensive to do. He looks great, plenty of accessories. He could even fit right in as a generic GI Joe grunt for any force that collectors might have.