Monday, 22 February 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: G.I. Joe Action Sailor (Black)

While the Orange Air Sea Rescue repaint was released solely in the Original Action Team, the Action Sailor that was released at retail was different, while the same figure, he was painted completely in black. The front of the box features the 1960s artwork of the Action Sailor in a mirror flipped pose, now facing right, when he originally faced left. It has the same red border up the side with the gold G.I. JOE logo and the 30th Anniversary logo.

On the back of the box, we have the same graphic at the top featuring all the Joe figures from all branches of the US Armed Forces. Green instruction sheet. A 30th anniversary blurb from Alan Hassenfield and then the filecard at the bottom

The filecard is the same as the original 1960s one with the figure artwork. It uses the same mirror flipped artwork as the figure box.

Taking the figure out the box, he's the exact same as the air sea rescue version, though this time in all black wetsuit, denoting that he is indeed a Navy Combat Diver. Same all black wetsuit, same vest and weight belt, even down to the silver weights and the black knife on his shin.

Inspiration for this came from the 1950s with John Foster and the invention of the black neoprene wetsuit, rather than rubber or even canvas. As such, pop culture of the WW2 and early 1960s era was filled with black wetsuit clad Navy frogmen, performing dangerous clandestine underwater missions. 

He comes with the exact same accessories, just this time, the sled, torpedo, speargun, flashlight and airtanks are in blue, rather than black. The fins and airhoses are in their usual black colour.

Comparing the two side by side, it's easier to see that the retail Black suited version matches his 1960s counterpart that much closer than the Orange suit did. Other than the weight belt and full harness, it's almost a perfect reproduction just in 4 inch.

The black Action Sailor is one of the more expensive ones, fetching around £30 for the boxed version, compared to only £10-15 for the others. Overall, not a bad figure and like the other sailor, could have a home in any Joe fan's Navy collection