Saturday, 27 February 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: G.I. Joe Fun4All Keychain Marine.

Released in 1997, as part of the 40th Anniversary Celebrations. Hasbro licensed the original 4 Action Team molds to Fun4All. The box front has the same woodgrain effect as the old figures used to have. There's a large window in the front where the figure is visible in the box,

The back of the box has the same large graphic of the Marine paratrooper and a graphic of the figures in the set with some copyright info on the bottom

Taking the marine out the box, he's a straight remold and repaint of the 1994 original Action Marine from 1994. He has no accessories, only the chain that attaches to his back. He is made from a much cheaper plastic than the original Hasbro figure and as such is more fragile.

Neither version of these Marine keychain figures is more rare or collectable than the other. One has the keychain plug in his back, the other has it between his shoulder blades. Like the other figures in this set, it's not uncommon to find loose versions with the  keychain plug snapped off.

A complete set of these figures will set you back about £20 for all four, which makes them about £5 per figure, plus shipping from the US. Overall, not a bad little collectible and tribute to G.I. Joe. The only downside is the cheaper plastic makes it very fragile and it won't survive for very long as a keychain, So it would be better off being bought and used as an action figure.