Sunday, 21 February 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Mighty Morphin Power Con (One Year On)

Way back in November of 2014, most people had heard about a new convention that was going to take place in February of 2015 called Mighty Morphin Power Con. It was to be the first of it's kind in the UK, a Power Rangers convention dedicated to the fans of the series. It was marketed by Massive Events, the sister company to Showmasters (famous for London Film and Comic Con).

There were originally 9 guests, but sadly Erin Cahill and Cameron Jebo had to pull out of the convention. But we still had an amazing guest list in Steve Cardenas, Johnny Yong Bosch, Nakia Burrise, Paul Schrier, Jason Narvy, Jason Faunt and Cerina Vincent. 

The event had a sliding scale of tickets for the three days. Bronze being the cheapest with Platinum being the most expensive. The prices ranged from £90 - £1500 for the Platinum. 

The event was pretty straight forward. Everyone arrived at the venue in the afternoon, registered. Most hung around the bar afterwards as there was an exclusive party at the beginning only for Gold Ranger packages. After the party, we were invited into a ballroom where they had an opening ceremony and then after that, they opened the dealer's room for a few hours to let people look around and plan on buying things. The dealers were an 8x10 supplier from Showmasters, a vintage supplier by the name of Dave Watson, Franks Autograph Supplies and A1 Toys selling all the latest Power Rangers Merchandise, as well as a Power Con Exclusive Turbo Falcon Megazord

Inside the box, it was the same as the US release of Turbo Falcon. The only difference was an outer sleeve that had the Red, Blue and Green Super Megaforce rangers on the front and then a blank space on the back for all the signatures from the guests at the convention. 

Events took place during the day. In the morning, the doors opened for attendees to enter the ballroom where the dealers and guests were. This gave people ample shopping time and a chance to line up and get autographs from the guests. When an attendee got an autograph, the pass was clipped to show that they had claimed their free autograph. During this time, guests were called away from their tables to take part in photo shoots with those that had paid for them. 

All these events after the signings were all completely optional and were included in the price, There was a silent auction during both days where fans could pay to have a private guest encounter with several other people who were interested and everyone paid the same price. Anything grey on the schedule was free time, which people were free to do as they wish, whether it was hang out at the Hilton Bar with people, sit in the open ballroom and play games, shop in the dealers den, go to their rooms and relax or even leave the venue and go shopping in Birmingham for the day and come back later on.

This is personally where Mighty Morphin Power Con was perhaps the best convention I've ever been to. There was plenty to do outside of shopping to keep people interested and most people outside of the events just sat around the bar area and interacted with other attendees and forged new friendships and many of which have actually lasted a while now and they've even had reunions at other conventions across the UK since Power Con.

At London Film and Comic Con 2015, fans were given this flyer from Showmasters promoting the return of Mighty Morphin Power Con. Fans were excited and we eagerly awaited news of what was to come. The months passed and we were only told "More information as we get it". We waited and and waited until earlier this year, when we finally got a response from Massive about what happened.

So there we have it. There were plans in place and they fell through. What were these plans? did they even exist in the first place? who knows....

So, in conclusion, the first event was amazing and perfect. Here's hoping that MMPC 2 will happen next year and we, as Power Rangers fans can really enjoy ourselves again, make new friends.