Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Power Rangers Time Force 15th Anniversary

Power Rangers Time Force was the 9th Season and debuted on FOX Kids on February 3rd 2001.It ran for 40 episodes and music was provided by Jeremy Sweet. It was an adaptation of the Sentai Series Mirai Sentai Time Ranger and starred:
  • Jason Faunt as Wes Collins/ Alex Collins
  • Erin Cahill as Jen Scotts
  • Michael Copon as Lucas Kendall
  • Deborah Estelle Phillips as Katie Walker
  • Kevin Kleinberg as Trip 
  • Daniel Southworth as Eric Meyers
  • Edward Lawrence Albert as Mr. Collins
  • Brianne Siddall as Circuit
  • Douglas Fisher as Phillips
  • Roy Werner as Captain Logan
  • Ken Merckx as Dr. Michael Zaskin
  • Laura Dern as Mr. Aspect
  • Vernon Wells as Ransik
  • Kate Sheldon as Nadira
  • Eddie Fierson as Frax
  • Neil Kaplan as Glutto

The basic plot of the series is that in the year 3000, Time Force is a police agency that deals with criminal mutants by freezing them in cryogenic stasis. Ransik is one of the most dangerous of these. During his sentencing, he escapes and travels through time to the year 2001, after seemingly killing Alex. Jen, Lucas, Katie and Trip follow Ransik to the year 2001 to stop him and his evil plan.

Upon arriving in 2001, they find their morphers are locked and need someone with Alex's DNA to unlock them. They track down Wes Collins, Alex's ancestor and use him to unlock the morphers and the 5 of them are now a team fighting Ransik's army of mutants and stopping him from taking over the world in the past.

Later on in the series, Archaeologists find a box containing the Quantum Morpher. After a series of battles, it ends up in the possession of Eric Meyers, a member of the Silver Guardians, who were Silver Hills' police force. He becomes the Quantum Ranger and becomes cocky and irresponsible, even defeating the Time Force Rangers in combat after they try and take his powers off him. He soon learns what it means to be a ranger.

A storyline revolves around Alex coming back and revealing that he survived his apparent death. He reveals he's been the one who sent the Time Shadow back from the future to 2001 to help the rangers. He also takes over the role of the Red Ranger when Wes quits to look after his sick father. The storyline is resolved as this is not the same Alex that the rangers knew back in the year 3000 and after nearly destroying his relationship with Jen, hands the morpher back over to Wes

In the final storyline, Alex forces the rangers back to the year 3000 after Ransik launches his final assault. Wes and Eric are left to defeat Ransik or die trying. The rangers return to the year 3000 and learn that Wes did indeed save the day, but died. Jen and the others upon realising this return back to 2001 and fight by Wes' side in the final battle as a team of 6 rangers. However, with history changed, Ransik nearly kills Nadira in the battle and then surrenders to the rangers, being taken back to the year 3000 to face his punishment. Wes and Eric are left to command the Silver Guardians together.