Saturday, 5 March 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: 1993 Vivid Imaginations Spectrum Saloon Car (SSC)

Way back in December, we took a look at the 1993 Spectrum Command Team set from Vivid Imaginations, so without further ado, lets take a look at the first model in the set: the Spectrum Saloon Car

Released both in the Spectrum Command Team set and single carded, the Spectrum Saloon Car is also known as the Spectrum Patrol Car and represents one of the standard vehicles within Spectrum's arsenal of vehicles. In show, they are about 18 feet long and reach speeds of 200 MPH. The toy is about 3 inches long. It's bright red and has no real action features other than an opening rear hatch, where the engine is. 

Opening the rear hatch exposes the black plastic engine inside. Other than that, it's no different to any other toy car on the market. It would have been nice to have opening windows, maybe a molded in Captain Scarlet in the driver's seat or something. The other thing to note is that the Spectrum logos on the doors are infact stickers and will eventually peel off.

The SSC or SPC goes for around £5 loose or £10 carded, or £35 in the set. Overall, not a bad little set and does fit at home with the other Gerry Anderson diecasts from Matchbox, allowing fans to put their Spectrum toys next to the Thunderbirds toys.