Friday, 11 March 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: 1993 Vivid Imaginations Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle (SPV)

The final vehicle we're going to be taking a look at, is perhaps my all time favourite Spectrum vehicle. The Spectrum Pursuit Vehicle (SPV). It was released in this set, as well as single carded in 1993. 

The single carded version has the same large CAPTAIN SCARLET AND THE MYSTERONS logo as seen on all Vivid Products from this era. The rest of the card is slashed diagonally in half with the upper half featuring a graphic of the SPV racing down a road, firing the missile and large pictures of Scarlet and Blue. The lower half is bright yellow, features a large Spectrum logo behind the the carded toy and then a brief rundown of the features it has, The set comes with two missiles as well.

Taking the vehicle out the tray or off the card, we can see that it's a large tank like vehicle. I has a number of action features built into it:
  • Flip down rear treads used for extra traction
  • Antenna raise and lower via a knob on the back.
  • Pushing down on the large button on the roof makes the side door pop out, featuring a little figure of Captain Scarlet
  • The front panel pops open and missiles fire out.

The vehicle itself is in a metallic blue colour. Unlike the other pieces, the SPV on the front and sides are painted on, with the Spectrum logos on the sides and front being stickers. Like the others in the set and of the era, take care, as these will come off eventually. It's not uncommon to find loose examples minus the stickers. Also, take care with the treads at the rear, as they do have a tendency to snap off as well. My original one from 1993 had the spring that holds the door in place, so captain scarlet was permanently stuck out to the side.

Vivid did an amazing job of recreating the SPV in diecast and plastic. It's solidly built and has less problems with it than the others. Overall, a worthy addition to any Gerry Anderson collection. Depending on condition, loose examples in poor condition range from £2-5. While carded examples can range from £25-50. The command team can fetch £35-40. So plenty of ways to get this awesome vehicle.