Sunday, 6 March 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: 1993 Vivid Imaginations Spectrum Passenger Jet (SPJ)

Released in 1993 by Vivid Imaginations, the SPJ or Spectrum Jet Liner as it's referred to in the marketing material, was available in 3 different ways. As a single carded item, the Spectrum Command Team Set and as a pack in with the Cloudbase set. All three versions are exactly the same, so lets get into it:

The liner on the card has Captain Blue on the front, while many Spectrum agents did infact pilot the vehicle, it was often piloted by Captain Blue. Measuring about 4 inches from nose to tail, it's mainly plastic with little bits of die cast metal on the fuselage,

The main feature of the SPJ is the fact that it has real working landing gear at the front and the back. The rear wheels spin and as does the front landing gear, as well as being able to rotate 360 degrees. The detailing on the toy is fantastic, but doesn't quite match the same colour scheme as the original models.The wings and tail fin should be grey, not blue.

If you do manage to get one, great care must be taken with them. Most of the body is plastic and therefore will break if put under pressure. Most common breakages are the tail fin, the nose cone and the front landing gear. Plus like the SSC, the Spectrum insignia are simply stickers and will come off eventually. 

The jet is one of the most commonly found items in the Vivid toyline. It is a good looking toy, but at the end of the day, it's a jet liner. It doesn't hold much interest as much as other toys in the Vivid Imaginations line would be. 

It goes for next to nothing when it's loose. It's around £10 carded. £35 for the Spectrum Command Team pack and £40 for Cloudbase. It also depends on how likely fans are wanting to wade through broken ones to find good condition ones.