Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: 1993 Vivid Imaginations Angel Interceptor

Released in 1993 by Vivid Imaginations, the Angel Interceptors make up two pieces of the 5 piece Spectrum Command Team set. They were also released as a carded two pack.

The single carded version has a large image of Destiny Angel on the front and artwork of the two Interceptor fighters in flight, which would be reused on the front of the Command Team box. The back of the card has some information on the aircraft and a marketing blurb for the series on it.

The interceptor itself is largely diecast on the fuselage. The landing gear and nose are plastic. There's minimal paint on it. It's mostly white, save for the the painted A on the tail and underside, black cockpit and nose trim. The spectrum logos on the wings are stickers, just like the other vehicles in the series., 

Like the other pieces in the series, the Angel Interceptors are fragile. Most commonly, the tail fin, wings, nose and landing gear are snapped off. The paint can wear off, leaving the black mental underneath and the stickers can come off. 

The toy itself isn't bad. It's a futuristic white fighter jet with no real action features. No movable landing gear, no opening cockpit. A carded set will set you back £10 on eBay, while the Command Team will set you back £35.