Friday, 11 March 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: 2003 Corgi FAB 1

Released in 2003 by Corgi, this is a 1/35th scale model of FAB 1, the famous car from the Thunderbirds TV series. The front of the box is primarily blue with a CLASSIC THUNDERBIRDS logo with an all grey Thunderbird 1 underneath it. The window at the front is large and open, showing the model FAB 1 with a yellow background behind it. 

The back of the box has the same CLASSIC THUNDERBIRDS logo from the front and a blurb about the TV series along with some stock images of FAB 1, Lady Penelope and Parker from the TV series. It also has a window in the back, allowing people to see the figures inside the model, which is an interesting and unique feature.

The sides of the box also have large open windows that allow you to see the features of the model. On the front, we have the classic Rolls Royce grille, with the Spirit of Ecstasy on the front and a Rolls Royce logo. The front grille swings downwards and pressing down on the engine cowl makes the front missile fire. On the rear of the car, instead of tail lights, we have Harpoons. Pressing down on the boot makes them fire as well.

The bottom of the box has some copyright information and instructions on how to activate the features of the vehicle. Take care not to pull down using the top of the grille, that is, if you decide to display it loose, the Spirit figure is fragile and will snap off.

Taking FAB 1 out the box, it's approximately 7 inches long from bumper to bumper. It's highly detailed and looks like it just stepped out of the screen and into our hands. There's detailing on the rear of the car in the antenna and grille just behind the cabin.

Also in the box is a sprue containing 6 harpoons for the rear headlights and 2 missiles for behind the front grille. It's nice that Corgi gave spares with this, as they were probably expecting them to be lost. 

A small look at the features, Pulling down the grille exposes the launcher itself. Unlike the Dinky toy, the grille doesn't go down all the way. Pushing down on the cowl activates the launcher. The harpoon launchers also work,

The final action feature that the model possesses is the bubble canopy slides back to expose the figures inside. Not quite sure why this feature was added, but it makes things a little more interesting on the whole. The figures are glued in place and have pretty reasonable likenesses to their puppet counterparts. Parker is wearing his trademark grey suit and hat. Lady Penelope is wearing a red dress.

Here's the 1992 Matchbox version next to the Corgi version. You can see how much bigger and more detailed the set is. The Corgi version sells online for around £25-50, with some examples in much better condition going for upwards of £60.