Friday, 25 March 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Joe Con 2010 Vacation In the Shadows (Part 2)

So in our last review, we took a look at all 10 figures in the set. In this one, we're going to be taking a look at the remaining figures that were available at the convention.

The first figure that was available was Dolphin. He was originally released in the 1983 line as a repaint of Zap in grey. The convention figure (left) is a repaint of Muskrat with a new head. He does have the same grey uniform on, just modernised and more aquatic themed, what with a rebreather and airtanks on his outfit.

His accessories are a reused Stalker kayak, oar and machine gun. He also comes with Dusty's FAMAS assault rifle and a clear figure stand. There's a Q-Force logo on the back of the kyak.

Natalie Poole is a new character and didn't have a counterpart in Action Force. Her origins lie with Action Man. Not only does she have a 12 inch figure, but she also appeared in the 2004 cartoon series. The 4 inch figure is made from a Sonya Blade from the waist up and Lady Jaye's legs and waist. The figure is a fantastic reproduction of the 12 inch figure, now on the Action Force team.

She comes with the same kayak as Dolphin, the only different accessory is the assault rifle.

In 1983, Palitoy released a repainted version of the Gung-Ho figure as Gaucho, Z-Force's Mexican mechanic and grenadier. In 2010, his modern day counterpart came out. His figure is a repaint of the 1992 Battle Corps verison, with a repainted vintage head. He even has a Z-Force logo on his sleeve.

His accessories are a machete and grenade launcher in grey plastic and a generic backpack.

Jammer was another figure that was bought in from the GI Joe line, as a repaint of Stalker. While there were 3 versions of him released, an all green one, one with green stripes and one with black camo stripes, they were all the same toy. The all green one was released with the Action Force Headquarters set. In 2010, we were treated to the modern version. Now utilising the Cobra Officer mold and a Stalker head, he manages to stay almost identical to his 1983 counterpart, yet have an upgrade.

Jammer comes with the Stretcher communication backpack and walkie talkie and an M32 Pulveriser Sub machine gun.

Lifeline is based on the Action Force Z-Force Medic. The original figure had a green uniform with a white smock and helmet, adorned with red crosses and a Z-Force logo on his chest. Lifeline takes that and updates it using the Battle Corps Lifeline mold. He shares the same green colour scheme with white vest,

He comes with a plethora of medic related accessories. A flare gun, grappling hook, stretcher and shoulder bag. 

As per a usual event at Joe Con. 2010 was no exception. Each year, they drop a bunch of free figures off of a building with a parachute. The figures are free. In 2010, the figure was a repaint of the Flint from the set in a bright orange jumpsuit. It also comes with a Jinx Backpack and a real working silver foil parachute with GI JOE emblazoned on it.

So there we have it, a look at the 2010 Attendee bonus figures to go alongside your Vacation in the Shadows set. These are nice figures and great homages and tributes to the original figures they're based on. If you can ever find them on the secondary market, I wouldn't hesitate to pick them up and add them to your growing GI Joe collection.