Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: 6 inch Star Wars Black Series Han Solo

Released in 2013, Black Series number 8 is A New Hope Han Solo. The box is large and black, given the name and features a stylised image of Han in the top left corner. There's a large window that has the figure in package and all his accessories next to him. He comes packaged wearing the Stormtrooper belt from the movie.

Taking the figure out of the packaging, we get a better look at his accessories. He comes with the Stomtrooper belt with working holster, regular belt with working holster. DL-44 blaster, E-11 blaster and a set of yellow gloved hands in the same poses as the ungloved hands.

As he's a larger scale figure, he has a better likeness to Harrison Ford than all the others and is articulated at the neck, shoulders, bicep, wrist, ab, waist, thigh, knee and ankle. The black vest is made of a rubbery plastic and can be removed. The outfit is well detailed and has loads of wrinkles molded into it. The sleeves on the shirt come up to his forearm and there are buttons molded on the collar. 

As he's based on his full appearance from A New Hope, he can be posed in pretty much any situation from the movie, be it the Cantina, the Millennium Falcon gun station or charging through the Death Star,

Overall, a very nice figure. Hasbro did a great job of capturing the spirit of the character and giving him a new lease of life in the ultra detailed, articulated and collectible line of Star Wars action figures. He retails for about £25 on the secondary market and I would highly recommend that anyone that doesn't have him, add him to their collections.