Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Action Force in Germany (1983)

Before we get further into the realm of Action Force and take a look at the numerous revivals the series has had over the years, something we really should discuss is how Action Force was in West Germany in the 1980s:

Palitoy had extended their reach into Europe in the 1980s. West Germany was still recovering from the Second World War and attitudes towards violent, war based toys and games for children were coming under scrutiny. There was no comic tie in for Action Force and the entire line consists solely of the 2nd Generation toys as seen in the above image, 30 figures and 10 vehicles. The figures still belonged to their respective sub divisions, albeit slightly renamed. Z-Force became Anti Terror Taskforce (ATT), SAS became Special Anti Terror Taskforce (SATT), Q-Force became Deep-Sea Anti Terror Task Force (TSATT) and Space Force became Space Anti Terror Team (WATT). The Red Shadows were rebranded Terror-Bande and all the figures had the following blurb:

"The world of Action Force. The story of Action Force takes place in the year 2011. The world population has for a long time lived in peace and liberty, united under the rule of a democratic world regime. Baron Ironblood, the last criminal, strikes terror with a gang of enslaved adventurers, with intelligent robots and the world's most innovative weapons. His goal: to take over the world. Action Force was set up by the world government and fights this dangerous enemy with various special units: ATT, SATT, TSATT and WATT. Their orders: all terrorists must be captured, no one shall be killed."

In response to this, a lot of the weapons that were present in the UK releases were removed and replaced with stun weapons, lasers or knives. Also, the skulls that were present on all Red Shadows toys were removed totally.