Thursday, 24 March 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Action Force's Revivals

Action Force is a piece of GI Joe history and history of toys in it's own right. So, after the line died in 1992, it took a while for the series to get back on it's feet and be revived, so lets take a look at some of these revivals:

In 2005, Devil's Due Press brought back The Red Shadows for one of their storylines. In this story, the Red Shadows from the past are gone, in their place are a new team lead by Wilder Vaughn, who attacks both GI Joe and Cobra, killing off members of each team. It was later revealed that Vaughn was infact the Black Major from the original team. In a further issue, it was revealed that Cobra fought back and wiped them out.

In 2007, as part of the World War 3 storyline, Moondancer, Quarrel, Hunter and Blades made an appearance in GI Joe: America's Elite issue 30 as NATO representatives.

At the 2009 Joe Con, Blades and his SAF copter were released as part of the International Heroes exclusives. Like his original toy, he's a repaint of Tripwire in black and released with a repainted FANG helicopter in new stickers. He was portrayed on the filecard as being British, rather than American as per his original counterpart.

In 2010, there was a whole slew of Action Force themed figures and exclusives released at the 2010 Joe Con. In the main set, we saw Interrogator, Black Major, Flint, Red Shadows Troopers and Red Torch figures released in a set called Vacation In The Shadows. The set featured the characters in a traditional O-Ring construction. 

At Roll Out, Roll Call 3 (A UK GI Joe/Transformers convention), there was a special figure released of Baron Ironblood and a commemorative book released at the convention. The Baron Ironblood figure was an all new construction based on his original figure, yet has O-Ring construction. Both were released to not only commemorate Action Force's 30th anniversary in 2012, but also Blood For The Baron's 9th anniversary as well. 

The following year, Roll Out, Roll Call released a 12 inch version of Baron Ironblood. He comes with his trademark helmet and a hand gun. He's designed as a classic 12 inch GI Joe/Action Man figure and the face resembles this, even down to the flocked hair.