Thursday, 10 March 2016

Nerdversity Reviews - Cabin Pressure Finale: Zurich (Part 2)

Zurich (Part 2) aired on BBC Radio 4 on December 24th 2014 and starred:
  • Benedict Cumberbatch as Martin
  • Roger Allam as Douglas
  • Stephanie Cole as Carolyn
  • John Finnemore as Arthur
  • Anthony Head as Herc Shipwright
  • Dan Tetsell as Karl
  • Timothy West as Gordon Shappey
  • Matilda Ziegler as Princess Theresa
  • Gordon Kennedy as Bruce
The episode's pre-credits scene is of Arthur recapping the events of the last episode to his girlfriend Tiffy. The episode opens with Douglas getting off the phone with Bruce, who agrees to 12 thousand to get GERTI back and he'll meet them at Fitton airfield. Arthur turns up in his van to take them to the bank to get the money. They turn up and the police almost arrest them, as Arthur performed an emergency stop outside the bank and then admits he has 100 ice lollies and the Princess of Liechtenstein in the back of his van.

Herc picks up Carolyn and they speculate what they'll do with the money, if there even is a fortune on it. At Bruce's yard, Douglas finds out that Gordon had offered 14 thousand to get GERTI back. So Douglas pretends to be Gordon and gets GERTI back. Back in Herc's mercedes, Carolyn says that she'll not move to Zurich with them. Herc admits that he wants to marry Carolyn, 

GERTI returns to Fitton Airfield. Once they land, they begin searching the plane for whatever Gordon may have hidden onboard/ They can't find it. Gordon confronts them about what's onboard. They find out that he's lying and that every piece of wiring in GERTI is gold. Carolyn chases Gordon off of GERTI

Carolyn gets a broker deal on the gold from GERTI. The money is enough to keep MJN safe for a long while yet. Theresa and Martin have a discussion. The episode ends with Martin being first officer for Swiss Airways, Herc and Carolyn are married. Herc is captain, Douglas is first officer still. They're on their way to Addis Ababa, starting a new series of journeys.