Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: The Damnology Volume 1

Released as a PDF in 2015, Damnology is a collection of 4 comics and a whole slew of bonus content as part of the Damnation series. They were all written and drawn by Rees Finlay.  In this review for comic book Wednesday, we'll take a look at the first book in the collection: Damnation

The comic opens with a short page about a Superman like figure gazing over a city. We cut to an unnamed figure wandering through a city, going back to his apartment, stating there's no such thing as heroes. He lives alone in a very squalid existence, addicted to painkillers and video games. 

As he takes one of his tablets before he goes to sleep, he begins to dream. His face changes into a skull like shape and he appears in a wasteland. After exploring for what feels like an eternity, he finds a temple. Entering it and exploring, he finds a child, who later ends up getting his arm ripped off by a dog, he tries to fight off the dog as well, but is taken down and everything fades to black.

He's woken up by a patchwork figure of what appears to be the other side of himself, The patchwork figure tells him that his mind created the world he's in now and that he represents the main character's worst nightmare and this is his own Hell. After sustaining a beating from his own personal nightmares and supposedly being killed, our hero wakes up in his apartment, the dream over. He really is alone in the universe.

As a comic, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The art may not be to everyone's taste, but really, the driving force behind this comic IS the story. It's well written and well paced for a short comic.You can buy the Damnology collection from Drive Through Comics here and it only costs 35p for the watermarked PDFs which you can read at your leisure.