Thursday, 10 March 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Disney Kingdoms Overview

In 2013, Marvel announced that it was working with Disney to create a series of comic books based not on their franchises, but attractions from the Disney theme parks. Not only would they focus on main attractions, characters and worlds, but also attractions that never made it.

Seekers of the Weird was released in January 2014. It was written by Brandon Seifert and was based on a concept by Rolly Crump called Museum of the Weird, which was originally planned to be an extension of the Haunted Mansion in the 1960s, but sadly never came to be. In this story, Max and Melody must journey through The Museum of the Weird to prevent the Coffin Clock of Doom from spelling the end of the world.

Figment was released in June 2014 and was written by Jim Zub. It was based on the old Journey into Imagination ride at Epcot. It follows the story of Blaron Mercurial, known as the Dreamfinder creating a device that would harness the power of the mind to create wonderous things. However, the device falls into the wrong hands and now it's up to the Dreamfinder and Figment to set things right.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad was released in March 2015 and is based on the Adventureland Attraction in all Disney Parks. The comic was written by Dennis Hopeless and follows the story of Barnabas T Bullion and his daughter, Abigail. The mountain is a gold mine, but plagued by disaster. What lurks in the heart of the mountain? can man outlast and survive nature's fury?

Figment 2 was released in September 2015. Jim Zub returns as writer for the series. It picks up where the original mini series left off, with The Dreamfinder and Figment in present day EPCOT, where they find out what happened to their legacy after they left. What happens when doubt takes over dreams?

The most recent series was The Haunted Mansion, based on the attraction of the same name in all the parks. It was released yesterday (9th March) and was written by Joshua Williamson. The story revolves around a boy named Danny who believed the ghost of a loved one is inside the Haunted Mansion, so he decides to enter the mansion to find them. What will he find in the mansion?

These comics are really interesting. They are a unique twist on the Disney worlds that we know and love. They are readily available in either single issues or in trade paperback form.