Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Habsro Star Wars: The Force Awakens Han Solo

Released last year, this The Force Awakens two pack featuring Han and Leia is based on their appearances from The Death Star in A New Hope. The front of the box features the new Kylo Ren box top. The main body of the box features new artwork of Han and Leia, then a large, open window where you can see the figures inside with their new firing weapons.

The back of the box has some information on the left hand side of new figures In the middle, we have the blurb for both Han and Leia in different languages. Then a larger copy of the artwork. Hans' blurb reads:

Promised a hefty reward to help rescue Princess Leia from the Death Star, Han Solo is swept up in the Rebellion against the Empire.

The sides of the box are very sparse. On the left hand side, we only get the Star Wars Logo and then Han's arm. On the right side, we get the Disney logo, a portion of the open package and the Space theme logo.

Taking the figures out of their packaging, we see they're in a tray inside the box. Han is a repackaged Mission Series figure from 2014 and Princess Leia is a repackage from the 2015 Mission Series Luke and Leia set. Their new accessories are a missing firing bazooka and a firing grappling hook blaster.

Han comes out of the package sporting a rather poor likeness to Harrsion Ford. It's not bad, but this could have been better. The shade of brown on the hair seems a little off as well. He sports 5 points of articulation, moving at the neck, shoulders and hips. The left hand is angled slightly downwards in a firing pose. The holster on the hip is unusable.

His accessory is a black DL-44 blaster that fits into his left hand. Mine is slightly warped as that's how it came out of the package. It is made of a soft rubber, so it probably could be bent back into shape with all little hot water. There is detailing on the blaster, despite the small scale. There's holes in the flash hider on the barrel and even a wood grain effect on the grip.

Here's how Han looks out of the package and with his blaster in hand. Not bad, There are better looking figures on the market, especially with the Black Series figures out now as well.

You can find this Han Solo/Leia pack for £15 online, in Toy Shops and in collectible/comic shops as well.