Sunday, 13 March 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: The Indiana Jones Interrogations

The Indiana  Jones Interrogations is an Indiana Jones fan film series created by Jonathan Rogers, The so far, 3 part series made their debut onto YouTube in July of last year. The production company is Shattered Star Productions and you can find them on Facebook.

The idea behind this short series of films is that they are recovered films from 1938, showing Indy as a captive of the Nazis. The as of yet unseen McGuffin is what he's being interrogated for. The episodes, which are approximately 5 minutes long are shot in black and white. The focus is solely on Indy as he's interrogated off camera by unseen characters, leading the viewer to use their imagination on what they look like. The characters in the interrogation are Claire Capshaw, an old student of Indy's and hinted at as them having an affair. Her name is a reference to actress Kate Capshaw, who played Willie Scott in Temple of Doom. Erik Oberhaust serves as the cameraman and Major Arnold Albrecht serves as the sadistic and yet stereotypical Nazi, he makes several animal themed insults at Indy, which serves only to fuel their feud.

These tapes feel like they are part of a much larger series and we're seeing glimpses from these tapes. We see Indy change overall throughout the tapes. The first two feature Indy as his usual, snarky self fighting back against the Nazis and being very resistant. In the most recent episode, we see a battered, blood stained Indy that's still standing by some miracle. 

Reception for the series has been mixed overall, some people have praised the series for it's unique approach to Indy. Some have said that the 5 minutes doesn't give enough for character building or story arc, especially for the other characters. That being said, remember, your mileage may vary and please, enjoy it and take what you want from it, enjoy it.