Saturday, 26 March 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Joe Con 2010: Vacation In The Shadows (Part 3)

Here we are at the final part of the Vacation In The Shadows. in this part, we'll take a look at the playsets and vehicles available for offer. There were 3 final pieces, so lets look at them:

The first vehicle is the Z-Force Silver Mirage. It's a redeco of the GI Joe Silver Mirage motorcycle and side car, but it's clearly intended to be an homage to the original Z-Force RAM, which was painted in the same green and yellow deco. The Silver Mirage has Z-Force insignia in the bike and the front of the sidecar.

The next piece is the Red Shadows Bunker. which is a redeco of the POTF 2 Endor Bunker playset from Kenner. All the club did was repaint it green with red camo, stick a rocket launcher on the top and put in 3 barrels from the Indiana Jones Troop Car set. If you owned the Bunker playset, then you know exactly what you're getting. The club guys even included a Red Shadows Skull on the main door.

The final piece piece that was released was the Red Shadows Troop Car, which is a straight up repaint of the Indiana Jones Troop Car, minus the rocket firing machine gun. It now sports a primarily red deco, with a black soft top, seats, hood with the Skull logo on it and silver detailing.

The hood logo is a larger reproduction of the original logo and is much brighter and clearer than on the figures. The License plate, which should be a WW2 German one, has been replaced with a 45-IRNBLD, which is a Baron Ironblood reference.

The final 3 pieces are a great addition to an otherwise fine set. These do actually add some uniqueness to the set and make for great dioramas, be it having Action Force attacking a Red Shadows bunker, or having Black Major be driven infront of his troops, the choice is yours. These can be found for various prices on the secondary market. Or if you're feeling rather artsy, you could probably customise these yourselves out of the parts they used from.