Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Loyal Subjects Power Rangers Action Vinyls

Released in 2015, The Loyal Subjects got the license to make blind bag vinyl figures of the Power Rangers for the 20th anniversary. The front of the box features a large Power Rangers Logo and then a picture of Jason, the Red Ranger in the style of the vinyls. Behind that is a large explosion

The sides of the box are dedicated to showing what figures are available in the 11 piece set and the ratios to which these figures are packaged, most have a 2/16 ratio, which is fairly common and means you do have a fairly equal chance of getting all the characters. The odd thing, Billy is blonde haired in this series, when he should be brown.

The back of the box has the more rarer figures with the Black Ranger, Armored Red and White Ranger being the most collectible and rarer. With Black being 1/24, White being 1/48 and Red being 1/96. The rest of the box is taken up with links to the Loyal Subjects social media and copyright information.

Inside the box, the figure is inside a tear open foil bag. The bag has the Loyal Subjects logo on it and  a large Power Rangers logo inside a morpher, so which figure did we get?

We got Trini. She stands about 2 inches tall and comes with a plethora of accessories, which are a blade blaster. the power daggers, her pony tail and a two piece helmet. She is well articulated for a blind bag figure, moving at the head, shoulders, wrist, torso, waist, hips and ankles. The face sculpt doesn't resemble the actress Thuy Trang that much, but it has a narrow eyed and determined look on her face.

The blade blaster doesn't fit in her holster very well, but she can carry both her weapons in her hands and the helmet fits snugly over her head. Even with the slightly limited articulation, she can be posed in pretty decent fighting poses.

The average price for these figures on the secondary market is £10-15 for a common. Prices do go up for special edition repaints and SDCC exclusive Tommy. You can find the boxes in most stores these days and online.