Thursday, 3 March 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Power Rangers Dino Charge Gold Ptera Morpher

Released in the United Kingdom in January, The Gold Ptera morpher is the personal weapon and morphing device of Ivan, the Gold Ranger. It's shaped like a Pteranodon head on a wrist brace with the wing outstretched. The box is the open style that was seen on all previous toys. It has a try me function with which you can pull back on the trigger and it makes blaster firing sound effects. You can also push down on the charger to make the drum rotate in the box.

The back of the box has a large graphic of the gold ranger with the morpher on his arm. There's a large graphic showing the instructions, how to insert and take out chargers and how to activate the other sound effects in the morpher. Underneath that there's some graphics showing what other role play toys are available in the line and underneath that is a large graphic showing a whole boatload of chargers, alongside graphics of Dino Charge Red and Rexy.

Inside the box, we have the instruction sheet for the toy, which also explains how to remove the batteries and how to activate all the features within the toy. They are pretty much the same as the ones already on the back of the box

There is some minor assembly needed, attaching the hand grip to the bottom of the morpher and it can be tricky to do, so be careful and don't force it, otherwise it does feel that it'll likely break. The base of the morpher is blue, with the wings, head and gun tips painted in silver, with gold and red detailing on the pteranodon head.  To activate the morphing feature, simply lift the head, push in the charger until you hear the sound effect and then close the head. It'll say "CHARGER ENGAGED" and then you can pull back on the trigger and then release to hear a sound effect. Without a charger in, it'll just make blaster sound effects

This is how the morpher looks on an adult hand. This is clearly designed for very small children with small hands. Unless you have small hands or are a massive fan of the Dino Charge merchandise, I would skip this one. It's far too small for adult collectors, unless it'd fit on a shelf or in a cabinet as part of a Gold Ranger collection.