Monday, 28 March 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Power Rangers Legacy NYCC Ninja Mega Falconzord Charger.

Like the Dino Megazord Charger before it, the Ninja Mega Falconzord charger was released at NYCC for free with a coupon. It comes in the same red promo baggie that is bright red with ACTIVATE DINO CHARGE TOYS in a green box on the top, a large window where the toy is visible with a cataolgu behind it. Underneath that, we have a picture of Tyler with the charger that is on all the Dino Charge toys and DINO CHARGER underneath that in a green box.

The back of the packaging is very plain, it only has some copyright and distribution information and a barcode on the back. Now, despite this charger stating it wasn't for sale, there were reports of this one, the Dino Megazord charger and the black T-Rex charger being for sale in TRU stores as regular retail items.

The insert is a poster that has a checklist for all current Dino Charge toys and Power Packs. There's a few coupons as well for items available and a promo for the scanner app.

The charger itself is in the same metallic silver paint scheme that the others were in. It has red detailing with NINJA MEGA FALCONZORD on the back. The QR code doesn't work yet. The drum features the 6 rangers, Tommy's morpher, the Ninja Mega Falconzord itself and then the MMPR Movie logo.  When inserted into the Morpher, it activates the "LEGENDARY" sound clip.

Like the Dino Megazord, this is a fitting ending to the set and goes well. There's some play value in it, despite it being TV based and not the movie based design. You can find this charger for £10 on the secondary market like eBay, so if you don't have it, it's cheap and collectible enough to add to your collection.