Monday, 28 March 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Power Rangers Legacy NYCC Power Rangers The Movie Dino Charger set

Released at New York Comic Con in 2015, this set is based around the Ninja side of Power Rangers The Movie as part of the 20th anniversary celebrations. The box front features a silver thunderbolt logo that serves as the flaps to open it. On the left side, we see the large silver POWER RANGERS THE MOVIE logo and on the right, we have a large greyscale image of Tommy as the White Ranger, much like the original box. The Ninja Megazord Charger was released separately and comes in it's own little baggie.

The top side of the box recycles the same MMPR THE MOVIE logo and descriptor, then on the far side, there's a greyscale image of the TV style Ninja Megazord, which seems a bit off, considering the movie had a much different design to the Ninja Megazord. It's unknown of Bandai were able to license this design in time for the release of the set. 

Following on from the MMPR release, they have a rundown of the movie's plot in a short paragraph. Above that, there's greyscale pictures of all the rangers and the Ninja Megazord. There's not much else on the back.

Opening the box front up, there are pictures that copy the original MMPR version, this time, using the same greyscale images of all six rangers off the back of the box. There's no picture of the TV Ninja Megazord here. All the Rangers have their Ninja animals on their chests, not the dinos as seen at the start of the movie.

The front of the box has all 6 charges on the front, plus space for the 7th, being the Ninja Megazord charger. The box is framed in black and green, with details on each ranger, where it was available and the MMPR THE MOVIE logo in the top right.

Taking all 7 chargers out of the box, which opens at the side, Bandai recycled the same box idea as before with this one. A black outer box, with a tray to hold all 7 chargers in it. The box and tray are smaller this time, as there is one less in this set. As you can see, with the Megazord cardbord removed, there's an empty spot for the charger.

The first one we're going to be looking at is Billy's Wolf Charger. It's painted in a metallic silver colour with blue highlights. The drum features Billy's head, the Stega Stinger, the MMPR Move logo and then the Wolf zord. The QR Code on the bottom doesn't work with the app just yet. When inserted into the Dino Charge Morpher, it says "COMIC CON ENGAGE"

Rocky's Ape Charger features the same metallic paint scheme, this time with red paint and APE on the back. Again, the QR code doesn't work when scanned. The images on the drum are Rocky's head, the Power Scope. Red Ape zord and the MMPR Movie logo. It has the same speech when inserted in the Morpher.

Tommy's Charger has white detailing on it and FALCON on the back. The drum has Tommy's head, Saba, Falconzord and the MMPR movie logo. The QR code doesn't work on the bottom yet. The charger makes the same sounds as the others.

Kimberly's charger is a hot pink colour and has CRANE on the back of the charger. The QR code on the bottom isn't compatible with the app yet. The drum features Kimberly's head, the Pterodactyl Thunder Whip, the Crane Zord and finally the MMPR movie logo. The charger makes the same sounds as the others when used in the charger.

Aisha's charger is bright yellow and silver with BEAR on the back of it. The QR Code on the bottom doesn't work with the scanner app yet. The drum features Aisha's head, the Power Lights, the Bear Zord and finally the MMPR Movie logo. It repeats the same phrase as the others when put in the Morpher. 

Adam's Charger is black and features FROG on the back of it. There is a QR Code on the bottom, but I have tried it and it doesn't work with the scanner app. The drum features Adam's head, a Blade Blaster, the Frog Zord and then the MMPR movie logo. The charger uses the same speech as the others when put in the Morpher.

This set is pretty decent. It has all 6 rangers. There is some play value with it, if you wanted to give this set to kids, however some fans might not, given the fact it's limited edition, even then, there's plenty there to keep both new and old fans happy. This set cost me £50 for the set and the Ninja Mega Falconzord charger from the United States. You can still find this set and the charger on the secondary market, so please, do pick it up if you find it.