Monday, 28 March 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Star Wars Micro Machines Space Escape

Released earlier this year, Hasbro put out a series of 3 and even 5 piece sets through their Star Wars Micro Machines line. This set is called Space Escape, based on Empire Strikes Back. The front of the card has the red Star Wars topping that all pieces in the The Force Awakens line do. Underneath that, we have the Micro Machines logo with some artwork of the Tantavie IV being chased by TIE Fighters from A New Hope. The bubble has all 3 vehicles on display and those are The Millennium Falcon, the Executor and a TIE Bomber.

The back of the card is all orange. On the left hand side, we have the large STAR WARS logo, what movie it's from and the Micro Machines. On the right hand side, we have what pieces are in the set. Underneath that, we have artwork showing the R2-D2 playset and the Millennium Falcon playset as well. Underneath that, we have a pile of copyright, licensing and safety information.

None of these vehicles are in scale, but they do represent what they are in Micro Machines scale. The first up to the plate is the Millennium Falcon. Great piece. It's based on it's look from the Empire Strikes Back movie. The detailing is superb and has different coloured panels, the dish moves and is made of a rubbery plastic. The back engines are painted in a light blue.

The TIE Bomber is next. It's painted in a grey-blue colour scheme. There's a lot of molded on detail on the cockpit and bomb bay next to the cockpit. The solar panel wings have the raised edging to them as well. Again, not in scale with the rest of the pieces in this set but does a great job of representing one.

The final piece is the Super Star Destroyer. Not much on this one paint wise. The main body is in a grey colour with the  central command section painted in a much darker gray. There are some details molded into the plastic,such as the command section, engines and launch bays. Once again, it's not in scale with the rest of the pieces in this set.

As Disney don't seem to be enthusiastic about having the prequel movies as part of the toy lines and other merchandising, if it's in, it's been kept to a minimum and most of it has been original trilogy, this set wins for me. It's based on a key scene from the Empire Strikes Back movie, where the Empire is chasing the escaping Falcon. The set has some key players. It looks and feels great. If you're a fan of this kind of thing, I would pick it up. I paid £5 for my set from Tesco during their Star Wars weekend.