Monday, 14 March 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Thunderbirds Are Go Tracy Island (Part 1)

We finally got our hands on a Thunderbirds Are Go Tracy Island. We got this for £30 from Argos here in the UK and they're currently being clearanced. As this is such a large review with a load of pictures, we figured that we may as well break this up into parts.

Starting with the box, The front of the box is blue and follows the same blue theme that is on the other carded figures and vehicles. In the top left corner, we have the same graphic as all the other toys of all 5 Tracy brothers and the TBAG logo underneath. The main picture is of the Island playset with all 4 vehicles launching from the island, with a brief rundown of the features and speech over the top. It also features a smaller graphic of what it looks like from behind,

The back of the box has a blurb about the story of Thunderbirds. The other pictures are of the playset in action, coming soon pictures and one of the other pieces available in the series. The main picture is of the back side of the Island playset and shows the features available.

Here's a close up of the blurb on the back.

The sides of the box show how the different features work on each of the main Thunderbird craft and how to activate them. They also recycle the same TBAG logo graphic on each corner,

The top panel of the box recycles the graphics running down the use of the wrist communicator, the back side of the island and the island playset in use.

The bottom panel shows where to put the batteries. The main island uses 3 AAA batteries in a compartment hidden in Brains' computer and the wrist communicator uses 3 LR44 batteries to make it play sounds.

Before we get into the main parts of the island, here's a little warning sheet that reminds you NOT to pull down on the launch platforms, instead use the levers. The platforms are clockwork and raise and lower, pulling down on the platforms can break them

Here's the opening page to the instruction manual. It's printed in blue and states that it takes 30-45 minutes to build. It took me a day to build it as the main island pieces are made of a rubbery plastic and had warped.

The interior of the manual, showing how to assemble the playset. The steps aren't complicated and it is common sense how it all fits together, however, the main problem is that the pieces were warped and bent, they didn't fit together well at all. All the pieces are labelled with letters from the alphabet and they are labelled clearly. 

The back page of the manual has a run down on how to activate the features, what buttons to press and how the watch interacts with the Island itself.

This is the main piece of the Island, the base in which everything slots into. This is part A. There are all the electrics housed in this.

These two pictures represent all the pieces of Tracy Island before construction. The arm for Brains' lab and the palm trees, which are all one piece are in a little baggie.

So that's it for this part. It's very picture heavy and we apologise for this, but join us for Part 2, where we'll be showing you the finished product, running down the features and showing you how the vehicles launch.