Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Thunderbirds Are Go Tracy Island (Part 3)

Well, here we are. This is the final part in this massive look at the Interactive Tracy Island from Vivid Imaginations. In this final part, we're gonna be taking a comparative look at the 2015 Island with it's 1992 counterpart.

The boxes are very close to being the same. They both show the island, they both show the vehicles taking off from it. There's similar designs on the sides showing how the vehicles launch. On the back, there's similar images on how the Island works and a run down of the features along with the buttons.

Other than the Matchbox version being a smaller scale, the only major differences are in the height and the fact the islands are mirror flipped. On the 1993 Matchbox toy, Thunderbird 3 launches from the left and Thunderbird 2 from the right. On the 2015 island, Thunderbird 2 launches from the left and Thunderbird 3 from the right. The features on both are very similar, it's just that the 2015 island incorporates different technology into the Island to make the launch sequences better with the toys

With the vehicles on their respective launch bays, you can see they are still very similar to each other. One other obvious key difference is the Matchbox version is all one piece island, with the pool house, round house and palm tree tops being the only pieces to put on the set. The entirety of the 2015 version needs to be assembled.

I picked this up from UK store Argos for £30 plus postage and packing, which came within 48 hours of me ordering it. Is it it worth it at that price? If you have the 6 inch vehicles to go with it from the single carded toys or the super set, then yes. It will take you all day to put it together and a small fortune in batteries, but the positives really outweigh the negatives on this one. But as always, your mileage may vary.