Saturday, 5 March 2016

Nerdversity Reviews: Power Rangers Dino Charge Gold Ptera Saber

Released in January of 2016 for UK fans, the next piece of Gold Ranger merchandise is the Ptera Saber. The front of the box is the same open style as the rest of the role play toys in the line. It has the TRY ME functions on the saber and the charger, this time the charger is the Dino Armor X charger.

The back of the box has a graphic explaining how to play with the toy, a picture of the gold ranger with the Ptera Saber in hand. Underneath that, we have images showing other pieces on the role play toyline.

The instruction sheet explains how to change the batteries and how to play with the toy, but not that you'd need instructions on how to play with the saber, as it's only two buttons on the entire toy, one to activate the feature, one to eject a charger.

Taking the saber out of the box, we can clearly see that this toy is in fact absolutely awful. It's a mainly blue piece of plastic that has no articulation, the jaw doesn't open, barely any paint details on the saber at all. Inserting a charger does NOT change anything about the toy's one and only action feautre, a low quality yellow LED that lights up the lightning bolt on the blade. To be honest, it feels like a cheap sword you might find on the front of a magazine.

The only redeeming feature about this entire set would be the Dino Armour X charger. Though it is very confusing as to why they packaged it with the saber and not in one of the power packs. It has the same 4 piece drum on it with a sticker that shows the charger in various states of energy.

It doesn't fit in the hand of an adult collector all that well at all. Then again, there's no reason to buy this unless you either want the charger or are collecting every piece of Dino Charge merchandise from stores. Save yourself some money, there are better items to buy for the price tag and you could probably get the charger on the secondary market or through the VIP charger set.