Friday, 8 April 2016

Nerdversity Discussion: Of Legacy Movie Morphers

Last night/Early this morning, Bandai announced the production pictures for the Legacy Movie Morphers for Red, Pink and Blue. The above picture is still being thrown around the fandom. However, as a fan, it's time I put my two cents in on this.

As much as I like the idea of the OTHER rangers getting their fair turn at morphers, rather than just Tommy having one. My main problem with the Morphers is that Bandai clearly haven't listened to the fans wishes on the Movie Morphers. We want the Ninja/Ninjetti coins. We have the chargers, we have the Falconzord and teasers of a Ninjazord in the works as well. So, this would be a perfect opportunity to give us the Ninja/Ninjetti coins and maybe even a Greater Power/Ninja Tribal coin as well. However, they haven't. Instead, they are giving us a Dino Coin in the bright gold paint job and a Dino Tribal coin, which they should have given us with the Power Morpher. In my opinion, Bandai have really dropped the ball on this one and I don't doubt that the fan based prop makers will be cashing in on this costly mistake.